5 Audio Books that Will Turn You Into a Better Leader

Are you one of those people that leadership audio bookskeeps telling they weren’t born a leader? That your personality is set on stone and there’s nothing you can do about it?

Guess that: I was just like you for a long time. Thinking that I didn’t have the skills (or confidence) or that I was too shy to be a leader in anything.

The truth is: you can work at it, become better and excel. It’s like any other skill. Practice is key.

The 5 audio books outlined below are some of the best motivational ones you will find on the topic. They present a lot of guides and simple techniques you can master in order to lead with purpose and confidence!


TOP 5 Leadership Audio Books


Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

leaders eat last audio book

“Officers eat last”. That was a the sentence that lead Sinek to embark on a journey to understand how leaders build what he calls the Circle of Safety and how trust and cooperation are fostered by it.




The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell

the 21 irrefutable laws of leadership audio books

30-years plus of observation by Maxwell created the 21 laws of leadership that will improve your personal and organizational effectiveness.





The Silent Language of Leaders by Carol Goman

the silent language of leaders audio book

In this audio book, you’ll learn how to use your body language to lead more effectively and improve your credibility.




The Leader Who Had no Title by Robin Sharma

the leader who had no title audio book

Robin Sharma, one of the top leadership experts, brings his a-game to this audio book on how to build your leader skills and achieve great power in your life or organization.




Developing the Leader Within You by John Maxwell

developing the leader within you audio book

Timeless principles applied to your life on how to develop the exceptional leader within you through personal integrity and discipline.




Pick one and start leading!

You too can become a leader. Like every skill that exists, it takes a lot of practice and training. Simon Sinek and Robin Sharma are both brilliant experts on the matter and, throughout the years, their books have helped a lot of people changing to a more pro-actively attitude.


Other Resources:

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Robin Sharma Podcast – Author of “The Leader Who Have no Title” book, a series of episodes on leadership.



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Coaching for Leaders Podcast – Episodes and guides about a variety of topics involving leadership and how to become a better leader.



Want more motivation?

Simon Sinek is an author and leadership specialist. He has the 3rd most viewed TED talk ever on TED.com. In this presentation, he brilliantly explains how great leaders lead others to action. Click below and prepare to be amazed!

What are the best audio books about leadership you ever come across? Share them in the comments!