5 Audio Books that Will Inspire You to Travel More Often!

Do you dream with the day when travel audio booksyou leave everything behind and put a step on the road?

Do you lack the motivation to travel more often?

Good news! There are a lot of audio books that will make you feel motivated to start your own adventure.

The next list presents 5 of the most exhilarating and inspirational audio books that will put you one step closer to start travelling more often!


Top 5 Travel Audio Books


 Vagabonding by Rolf Potts

vagabonding audio book

An essential guide to anyone planning to go on a long trip or to gain some inspiration and knowledge about how to experience the world in full. A must for someone interested in adventure!




Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed

wild audio book

At 22, Cheryl Strayed life was not what she dreamed about. In an impulsive decision, she picked up her bags and with no previous experience in hiking, started an 1100-mile solo hike with the promise that everything would piece back together.




Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

into the wild audio book

Have you ever thought about starting a new life in another place? Well, that’s what Christopher McCandless did when he decided to hitchhike to Alaska, leaving everything behind, including his family, his car and most of his possessions. A truly inspirational story about the pursuit of our deepest calls.



Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson

shadow divers audio book

Fascinating, exciting and compelling! Those are adjectives that will resonate with you when you finish listening to this audio book. The discovery of a sunken German U-boat, by two scuba divers, was the beginning of a dangerous adventure that none of them could anticipate.




 A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

a walk in the woods audio book


funny and surprising book about Bill Bryson’s hike on one of the most breathtaking terrain in America – The Appalachian Trail.



Whatever you do after reading the list…

… please don’t ignore Into the Wild.

It would be a mistake. The audio book is memorable!

On the other hand, if you are planning to go on a trip, Vagabonding offers really great advice and a lot of inspiration for travelers! Definitely one of the best motivational audio books on travelling.


Other resources:

epop travel podcast

Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast – Hosted by Rick Steves, this podcast is the only thing you need if you want to travel cheaply like a boss! Lots of excellent advice on how to use frequent flyer miles and score cheap hotels, among other awesome subjects.



The Tim Ferriss Show, with Rolf Potts – An interview with the “Vagabonding” audio book author, Rolf Potts.


Need more inspiration?

Take a look to this brilliant video made by TravelDiary channel. It will rise the adventure spark on you!

What are the most exciting travel audio books you ever come across? Share in the comments, it would be greatly appreciated.